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Promoting diverse voices and ideas often means challenging the assumptive forms which shape and reaffirm hegemonic views and established narratives. Obiter Publishing’s futures arm seeks to publish works of primarily creative or experimental non-fiction, which present heterodox and dissident ideas, imagine alternate futures, and subvert the boundaries of form. We are particularly interested in works and projects which explore the frictions and concordances between print and digital publishing.

Our Futures arm develops bespoke publishing projects with an emphasis on collaborative and new media approaches to non-fiction publication. We also publish a limited number of individual non-fiction titles with an emphasis on works by writers who fuse academic research rigour with experimental forms. Our Futures works are drawn from project call-outs, intermittent submission windows, and one-off commissions.

We are not currently taking submissions.

But if you do have an idea that you think fits with Obiter’s ethos, or are interested in collaborating on a project that falls under our Presents banner, get in touch.

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